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Here you will find some information about Egypt and more specifically the city of Sharm El Sheikh. The following data about official and spoken languages, the local currency and its relation with other main currencies, the time zone and Visa Entry requirements would help you arrange for your next vacation in Sharm El Sheikh. You will find also some useful telephone numbers in the section below. For Weather in Sharm El Sheikh Click here.
Languages spoken in Sharm El Sheikh:
The city is touristic and very cosmopolitan. The official language is Arabic. English, French, Italian and sometimes Russian and German are widely spoken too.
Currency of Egypt:
The Local currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). Every pound includes 100 Piasters. Denominations of the (EGP) are 1(EGP), 5(EGP), 10(EGP), 20(EGP), 50(EGP), 100(EGP) & 200(EGP). Other foreign currencies, mostly US dollar (USD), Euro and Great britain pounds (GBP) are widely used too. Here you will find some information about conversion rates between the Egyptian Pund (EGP) and some major foreign currencies
Time Zone:
Egypt lies in Time Zone (+2), leading 2 hours ahead of Greenwich mean time (GMT). Day Light Savings are applicable usually in summer.
The wall plugs are two pronged European types. It is wise to bring your own adapters or transformers. In Egypt it is 50 cycles AC and 220 Volts.
Entry Visa:
An Entry Visa is required for all incoming nationalities. For more information about kind of Visa and requirements, please contact the Egyptian Consulate in your country. You can check this link for preliminary information too.
Area Codes in Egypt:
Egypt (20)
Cairo (2)
Alexandria (3)
Sharm El Sheikh (69)
Hurghada (65)
Luxor (95)
Aswan (97)
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